Our seminars feature both hands-on programs and lectures. You can expect to learn about all facets of climbing coaching, both for groups and individuals. We touch on everything from athlete management, to billing, to program design.

The 2018 curriculum includes:

  • Fundamentals of Physiology
  • Cultivating the Growth Mindset
  • Session Design
  • Movement Prep, Warming Up, Mobility
  • Methods of Practice / Coaching Movement
  • Athlete Management and Compliance
  • Progressing and Regressing Exercises
  • Testing Athletes
  • Program Design
  • Fundamentals of Strength Training
  • Purposeful Nutrition
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Weight Loss
  • Bouldering Coaching and Cueing
  • Hands-on Program Design and Session Planning
  • Coaching Scenarios and Group Discussion

Although this course is designed for coaches, about half of our attendees are simply climbers looking to better understand training programming.

This 2.5-day course will feature both lectures and hands-on practice.  Tuition for the seminars is listed on the events page. For more information, just send an email.